Special German doubles on the market right now…

German side-by-side shotguns are pretty common here in the States. A lot of them arrived here after the World Wars, and many more were imported before and in between.

20 gauge Max Knoll Shotgun
20 gauge Max Knoll Shotgun

While most of these guns are extremely well made– solid Anson & Deeley boxlocks with well struck barrels and crisp triggers — they usually have Teutonic features like full pistol grips and cheek pieces that make them awkward for shooters like us (and kind of ugly, too).

That’s why these two ¬†caught my eye. Each of these double barrels has a straight, English-style grip and very shootable dimensions. Check them out.

This first is a 12 gauge Otto Geyger. This maker is a bit of a mystery. You can read more about in this string here. The gun looks very high-quality and it’s in excellent condition.

This next gun is a 20 gauge from Max Knoll. I’ve read that this maker was located in Liege before the first World War and then headed back to Germany once the conflict kicked off. Another one of his guns is listed here, along with some info about the maker.