Good Gun Alert – 8g Parker, online, ending today….

Shoot, I forgot all about this Paker 8g. An online auction company called has it. It looks like the auction ends today, 2/ 12, @ 7:30pm EST.

8 gauge double barrel, side-by-side Parker shotgun
8 gauge double barrel, side-by-side Parker shotgun

Auctioneer’s description:

“Parker Grade 2, 8 ga. side by side shotgun. Serial #160785, mfg. 1912. Good condition. Wow! Massive double built on the biggest of the Parker frames – #6 – and created for the great turn of the century duck and goose market hunting. 14 lbs. Long 36″ Damascus steel barrels have a beautiful pattern and bright shiny bores – no corrosion or pitting. Tight action. Tight on face. Stock retains 75% of original varnish and is quite nice.”

“This gun has been hunted with for sure, but is in wonderful condition with two ducks engraved on the left side of the receiver and two standing pheasants on the right. Two flying geese on bottom of receiver. Fine line checkering is in excellent condition. Exactly as it came from the factory in 1912 as per ledgers. Frame screws are right on north and never turned. Dogs head hard buttplate. Case color is gone from frame, but some under top lever. Double triggers. Extractors. An exceptional Parker not often seen! C&R OK.”

Bid now — good luck.

8g Parker up for auction