Auction alert: Dickinson Plantation 20ga, 28″, No Reserve…


Dickinson Plantation 20ga 28" bbls
Dickinson Plantation 20ga 28″ bbls

Here’s your chance to get a deal on one of the most impressive SxS shotguns to come on the market in the last five years: The Dickinson Plantation. These guns fstuff a ton of quality into an affordable package. And because they feature modern stock dimensions, choke tubes, and 3″ chambers, they’re far more shootable — and versatile– than vintage doubles.

Dickinson Plantation 20ga 28" bbls
Dickinson Plantation 20ga 28″ bbls

According to the Dickinson website: “The Plantation Series side-by-side shotgun features a precision trigger plate mechanisms with cosmetic side plates, beautifully finished and engraved receivers, and premium grade, hand-fitted Turkish walnut stocks and fore-ends. This is truly a shotgun that will meet the needs of the most demanding sportsman.” Brand new, I think they’re around $1500.

Dickinson Plantation 20ga 28" bbls
Dickinson Plantation 20ga 28″ bbls

This one is nearly new and comes in its original case with its original accessories. It’s on now and the No Reserve listing ends Wednesday, 4/8/2020 @ 6:44 PM.

Dickinson Plantation 20ga, 28″ bbls, 3″ Chambers: Nice clean like new Dickinson Plantation side by side, double triggers, 5 screw in thin wall chokes. with case and papers. 6.40 pounds.

To learn more about these guns, check out this review:

Power duo: Quail hunting with a Pointer and a Cocker …

Here’s something I’ve always wanted to try. From what I’v read, this is how folks hunt quail on a lot of the plantations down south.

This video just shows a great looking Pointer doing what these dogs do so well.

Wild quail hunting at Sinkola Plantation…

There are very few places in the south where you can spend a day hunting wild quail (I should hunting and actually finding wild quail). This looks like one of them: “At Sinkola, we hunt quail the same way now as has been done here for the last century. The woods have been managed basically the same since the property was purchased at the beginning of the previous century. Through the use of annual prescribed fires, selective timbering and patch field planting, the habitat at Sinkola is a perfect haven for Bobwhites to thrive. ”

This quail hunting video kind of scares me…

I came across this video the other day on Youtube. The clip is from a quail preserve in Tennessee. From what I can see, the place puts hunters into lots of birds. It also has some dogs that really know how to find those birds and retrieve them.

But here’s what bothers me: The dogs are not steady to wing and shot (that means the dogs stay on point through the flush and the shot). When the birds go up, off go the dogs after them, and right into the area where the hunters are shooting. To me, that’s just too dangerous. What do you think?

Article in the WSJ about quail hunting…

Nice to see some positive press for a shooting sport in a major U.S. paper. I always forget that some people have never done this kind of stuff before. Check out the recommended gear at the end. Funny.

The Thrill of the Hunt

“In a late December chill, I went quail hunting amid tall pines and waist-high broomsedge grass. My mission was to shoot 10-inch bobwhite quail, and then to hear a guide shout to the hunting dogs ahead of me: “Dead in here! Dead in here!” That command alerts the hounds to locate a downed bird…only in South Georgia’s fabled quail plantation belt the drawled order sounds more like, “Deh-ud-n-heah! Deh-ud-n-heah!”…

You can read all of it and see more pics here.

Here’s a slide show of pictures from the hunt.

The Thrill of the Hunt, from Wall Street Journal
The Thrill of the Hunt, from Wall Street Journal

Quail hunting in South Georgia…

Check out his video. It’s of guys quail hunting in South Georgia. Double barrel shotguns, English Pointers, plenty of birds  – – that’s about as good as it gets.

I’ve heard that these trips can cost $1200-$1500 per person, per day. They look like they’re worth it.

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