Learn puppy training basics, from the pros at Project Upland…

The Pointer Sisters: Lexi & Sky
My pointer sky as a pup with her big sister Lexi


Lexi, English Pointer, Superior Pointers
Lexi as a pup, English Pointer, Superior Pointers

“You did your homework, picked the right hunting dog breed, and found the breeder who provided you with the genetic package you dreamt of. On the drive home it hits you. Now what? How do I start?

Do your pup a favor. Find out: Read all of Where to Start in Training with a Bird Dog Puppy now.

Discover the dos and don’t dos of:

  • Learning as part of a pack
  • Socializing a bird dog with you and the world
  • Proper correction and reward
  • Housebreaking a bird dog puppy

Read Where to Start in Training with a Bird Dog Puppy now

And be sure to check out everything at ProjectUpland.com

Sky, one of our Pointer out of Superior Pointers
Sky, one of our Pointer out of Superior Pointers

Five dos and don’ts of bird dog development…

Puppies are a lot like kids: When you’re raising them, there are things you want to do and things you want to avoid. Writer, trainer, and gun-dog lover Betsy Danielson covered five in those points in her latest post at Strideaway.com. If you have a pup that you would like to turn into a hunting machine, I suggest you check it out now.

The Early Development of Bird Dogs, by Betsy Danielson

“My husband, Jerry Kolter, and I run Northwoods Bird Dogs, a pointing dog breeding and training business.

We’ve found that there are five factors vital to early development of puppies. Some of these practices help foster a good attitude that will make them a better dog in general. Others actually begin the very earliest stages of training—even before the puppy is aware it’s being trained. The five factor are…”

Read the entire piece now.

On his way to being a fantastic bird dog..

Here’s another video from Ross Callaway. Until this pointer blinked, I thought I was looking at a still image of rock-solid hunting dog covered in red dust. Then I realized what was going on – and saw just how steady this dog is. It’s nice to see a dog that’s trained to this level.

Must read puppy pointers from Superior Pointer Kennels…

Zeke, a 2007 Mack x Nell pup from Superior Pointers
Zeke, a 2007 Mack x Nell pup from Superior Pointers

The folks at Superior Pointers love fine grouse dogs from Robert Wehle’s incomparable Elhew Pointers, and they’re dedicated to improving this fine line of shooting dogs. Part of the improvement process includes breeding the best dogs they can find. Another crucial part is learning what goes it takes to create a fine bird dogs, from breeding to raising and training

If you’re picking up a pup this spring, you owe it to your new pal to read this piece from Superior Pointers about raising a young dog. The first 9 months of a gun dog’s life are crucial, and the advice in this article gives a lot of insights into how you can make sure your pup gets the most out of this time.

Early Puppy Development: The first 270 days

Fergie, a 3 month old Mack x Jessie pup owned by Nitro Kennels. Pic from Superio Pointers.
Fergie, a 3 month old Mack x Jessie pup owned by Nitro Kennels. Pic from Superior Pointers.

“The new puppy arriving at your home has been abruptly uprooted from a known, comfortable environment and the companionship of siblings, and immersed in a completely foreign setting. He is confronted by, and must adjust to, new sights, sounds, food, people, and often dogs. This can be a very intimidating situation for an eight to ten week old pup, the age at which most new prospects are acquired.

Puppies, therefore, require lots of attention – the more, the better. They need to be introduced to their new family, new home and/or kennel, car rides, and other dogs in a manner which ensures a safe, positive experience. It is extremely important that your puppy not be subjected to loud noises or other frightening – to a puppy – situations. He needs to feel that he is at the center of the universe, and in an exciting, wonderful, safe place. This early socialization is vitally important in shaping your pup’s personality. How it is handled will have long lasting implications for you and your gun dog. As Joan Bailey notes in How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, “How a dog is brought along during the first months of life will largely determine his future as a useful gun dog…”

Read the rest of this excellent piece now.

Hunting Dogs for Sale, from Gundogsonline.com

Years ago, I used to hunt birds without a dog. Today I wouldn’t dream of it. If you’re in the market for a new four legged companion, here are some listings worth checking out from Gundogsonline.com.

Merry Christmas to all…

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there. I hope you’re having a good time and the cheer is spreading.  I wish great health and even better luck in 2012.

Here at Dogs & Doubles were getting ready to do some upland hunting. I should be in central Maine for the next few days, wrapping up my grouse season. If the snow stays away, we should have a good time.

BTW: here’s a few things that were on my gift lis. Once again, the fat man in red didn’t come through. Probably out of his budget.

1. This pair of W.W. Greener sidelock shotguns from Sportarm.com:

A pair W.W. Greener 12 gauge Double Barrel Shotguns
A pair W.W. Greener 12 gauge Double Barrel Shotguns











You can see more pics of this guns here, here, and here.

2. This place in Montana where I could take full advantage of them.

3. And six of these guys. Those puppies are from Autumn Memory Kennels. My girl is from there, and they turn out great English Pointers.

English Pointer puppies from Autumn Memory Kennels
English Pointer puppies from Autumn Memory Kennels