The Upland Game Show: Watch and play tonight, 6/3, 7pm ..

Watch tonight , premiering at 7pm
Watch tonight , premiering at 7pm

Premiering tonight, it’s me VS author/guide/dog traineer Craig Doherty.

TO WATCH: The Upland Game Show, 7pm

Episode 8: Experienced grouse chasers from the Northwoods, BUT will hunting knowledge and writing experience truly help them in this battle of bird brain trivia? The winner gets bragging rights and the loser will be wearing a skirt…… errrr…kilt…. on an upland excursion this fall.

Learn how Craig Doherty and Gregg Elliott use long-legged pointing beasts to hunt Ruffed Grouse in the Northeast. Get to know the guys behind the writing of articles you’ve seen in Pointing Dog Journal and Shooting Sportsman.