Come Back Red Setter's Audie--2nd Place 2007 Futurity. Pic from Come Back's site.
Come Back Red Setter’s Audie–2nd Place 2007 Futurity. Pic from Come Back’ Red Setters.

I’ve always been interested in Red Setters. Last week, I was clicking around online looking for information on them and I came across this short video from Dogumentary TV.

It features Cliff Fleming, dog trainer, president of the Inland Empire NAVHAA, and red-setter fan, as well as some nice footages of a red setter in the field.

BTW: The title is the video is wrong. Someone who didn’t know dogs must have edited it. The video’s about training an Irish/Red Setter and a German Shorthair Pointer.

Taking another look at Irish Setters…

Irish Setters are beautiful dogs with sad stories. At one time, they were hunting dogs, and they were bred for the field. But over time, they lost their hunting backgrounds and were turned into overbred show dogs.

But today that’s changing. A dedicated group of people are breeding Red Setters – a variant of the Irish Setter that’s is reclaiming some this dog’s hunting heritage. You can read more about Irish and Red Setters here. I found this video of online of an Irish Setter in UK. It looks like a pretty decent hunting dog to me.