This could be big: Introducing Retrieving Pointers…

Shrunken head or slimey old tennis ball? I didn't pick it up to find out.
Shrunken head or slimy old tennis ball? I didn’t pick it up to find out.

You’ve heard of Pointing Labs. Well, I my dog Sky could be the foundation for a similar line of hunting dogs: Retrieving Pointers.

Sky’s nuts about anything round and mouth size: Tennis balls, lacrosse balls, slimy round things that may be shrunken heads. She finds these things on our daily walks and if I throw them, she brings them back–whether I want her to or not–over and over and over…and over.

I’ll be taking orders for pups soon. Like Pointing Labs, the prices will be stupid high. And yes, I’m kidding…

Here’s Sky’s growing collection of balls.