That’s one quick grouse…..

If you’ve ever hunted ruffed grouse, you know just how fast these birds can be – at least when they’re flying. What you may not know, and what I never realized,¬†is just how fast grouse are on their feet.

This quick video shows just how quick these birds can be. In it you’ll see roosting¬†grouse. Grouse do this after they fill their crops with food. A bit off the ground, and with his back in against the brush, this grouse is tough to see. Predators would have a difficult time approaching him without being noticed.

Watch to see how reluctant this bird is to move and give up his location. But once he realizes he’s in trouble, it’s amazing how fast he moves. It’s also interesting that he doesn’t fly off. It makes me wonder how many times they’ve simply run away from my dog when she goes on point.