Short films grouse & woodcock hunter are sure to like…

Like grouse hunting? Then you’ll really like these short films. They’re part of the Project Upland Film: Bird Hunting Film Series a ” film initiative to help promote the future of upland bird hunting and the non-profit The Ruffed Grouse Society.” Check them out now.

The Experience: Follow veteran Grouse hunter and New Hampshire native Harry Rowell into the Grouse woods. While Hunting New Hampshire, Harry reflects on his passion for Grouse hunting and the experience as a whole. A humbling short film that will inspire future and current bird hunters alike.

Because They’re Wild: Follow Northeast Regional Director of The Ruffed Grouse Society, Tripp Way into the Grouse Woods. Tripp reflects on his enjoyment of the woods, his passion for the Ruffed Grouse and the precious time spent afield with friends. As a dedicated conservationist and experienced upland hunter Tripp delivers the powerful line of “Its our responsibility to get these folks in the woods”.

Journey to the Northwoods: A great look at grouse hunting …

There’s killing and there’s hunting: One takes a life, the other makes our lives more  meaningful, while giving us the opportunity to show respect and admiration for the game we pursue and the world we all inhabit.

This video does a nice job of capturing hunting and what makes it so special.

New header: A Six Pack of Promise, from

English Pointer Pups, from
Pointer Pups, from

I love Pointers. So does professional photographer and graphic/website designer Chris Mathan. She’s an amateur dog trainer, field trialer, and avid upland bird hunter with a passion for pointers and setters.

Chris is also the founder of The Sportsman’s Cabinet, and she offers a full range of marketing services for hunting, shooting sports and outdoor industries,  including marketing strategy development, identity creation, print advertising, graphic design, website development, outdoor photography, and consultation.

Her photos and stories have appeared in Field Trial Magazine, The American Field, and in the Ruffed Grouse Society’s magazine. She has also designed web sites for top kennels like Erin Kennels and  Northwoods Bird Dogs and done some impressive work for Davis Quail Hunts and Dogs Unlimited. On top of all that, Chris is also the co-founder and co-editor of Strideaway, the online publication dedicated to FDSB field trials for pointers and setters. And I thought I was busy!

If you like to see lots of great pics of hunting dogs, be sure to check out Chris’ photography.

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