What a bird dog’s nose really knows…

Pointing a Spring Woodcock
Pointing a Spring Woodcock

If you spent much time with hunting dogs, you’ve probably wondered about their noses. A recent piece called  BIRD DOGS, SCENT AND FINDING BIRDS from the Pheasants Forever blog gave some insights into scent and into how dogs process it. It’s short, but talks about:

  • The Scent Cloud
  • Temperature & Moisture
  • Hot Spots
  • Dog’s Health
  • Bird Identity
  • Hunting Dead Birds
  • Up Wind, Down Wind, Cross Wind
“I spent a number of days this spring running my German shorthaired pointer, Trammell, through woods I know hold timberdoodle on their migration north. It was interesting to watch Trammell navigate the scent determining when to point and when to press. It got me thinking about the incredible ability of a dog’s nose, so I reached out to Bob West of Purina Dog Foods and a professional trainer with 50 years of experience to teach me more about bird dogs and scent…”