Wow – great video, awesome quail hunting at Sinkola…

Image @ Sinkola Plantation, Thomasville, Georgia.
Image @ Sinkola Plantation, Thomasville, Georgia.

Sinkola Plantation is one of Georgia’s legendary quail plantations. Located in Thomasville, it still offers wild bird hunts in the traditional Southern style. This video does a great job of capturing what that experience is all about.

Wild quail hunting at Sinkola Plantation…

There are very few places in the south where you can spend a day hunting wild quail (I should hunting and actually finding wild quail). This looks like one of them: “At Sinkola, we hunt quail the same way now as has been done here for the last century. The woods have been managed basically the same since the property was purchased at the beginning of the previous century. Through the use of annual prescribed fires, selective timbering and patch field planting, the habitat at Sinkola is a perfect haven for Bobwhites to thrive. ”

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