Now that’s some pheasants….

Well, I’m back from the 2011 pheasant opener in South Dakota. I had a great time and we saw shot plenty of birds. It took my crew 2 hours to limit out on both Saturday and Sunday. With almost a dozen shooters both days, that’s a lot of birds.

I’m back up in Maine now, waiting out the rain, and hoping to get out soon for grouse and woodcock. I hope to add a turkey to the mix, too.

Enjoy the pics.

Sh!t…just when I’m going back to South Dakota

Just when I’m heading back to South Dakota for the season opener….


Pheasant opener in South Dakota
Pheasant opener in South Dakota

PIERRE, S.D. – Pheasant brood counts indicate that pheasant numbers in South Dakota have returned to levels below the remarkable high counts of the past few years.

However, the pheasant population in the main part of the state’s pheasant range will still provide quality hunting opportunities.

From 2003 through 2010, the statewide pheasant-per-mile index was at levels not seen in the previous 40 years. The index this year is 46 percent lower than the 2010 index and 41 percent lower than the average of the past 10 years.

“We observed abnormally high mortality of hen pheasants during the brutal winter of 2010-11,” explained Jeff Vonk, Secretary of the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department, “The loss of that reproductive potential inhibited the ability of our pheasant population to rebound to the record levels that we have enjoyed in recent years.”

Declines in the counts were consistent across the state and most pronounced in eastern South Dakota, where winter’s grip was tightest and grassland nesting habitat is diminished….


The problem with South Dakota…

South Dakota – it’s heaven for anyone into bird hunting. But there can be a downside. Too many birds. To see what I mean, check out this video. I’ve hunted South Dakota and I’ve seen bird numbers like this.

While it’s awesome to see, it can really frazzle a bird dog– especially a pointer. I’ve seen them go nuts at the ends of shelter belts when the birds start pouring out. It is a nice problem to have, though. Enjoy.