Me and my dog…

As Puck and I get ready to go out the door, I’m reminded that she’s been one of the most constant and dependable parts of my life for over a decade. She’s eleven, and this will be out tenth season together. My life has changed a lot since then – jobs, friends, and family have come and gone,  I lost 55 pounds, lived in 4 different apartments, met my wife, married, and much more. But Puck has always been my dog– thrilled to see me when I arrive home, ecstatic to chase birds, and happy to sit in my lap when the day’s done.

I want to thank Spencer at Feather and Fin | All things upland and upstream for bringing this video to my attention. As its name implies, it’s about the bond we develop with our dogs, a bond that has supported me and enriched my life in many ways. I hope you enjoy the video.

And be sure to check out Feather and Fin | All things upland and upstream . It’s great to see other folks enjoying the finest parts of life.

Bond from Modern Legacy Productions, MLP on Vimeo.