From Steady with Style: Walking Pups, a hunting dog training tip.

Steady with Style
Steady with Style

Training a pup can take place in a lot of places, from a training field at your local club to right in your own backyard. ime and places where you can turn a little time with your new hunting buddy into a bit of low key, low pressure training. Check out this piece from Steady with Style to see what I mean.

Walking Pups, by Martha Greenlee

“A while back a new puppy owner asked me what he should do to start his pup. I suggested he take his pup to the field and go for a walk. Walking your pup is one of the best ways to develop the bird dog instincts your pup inherits from his parents. These instincts include the instinct to hunt, to point and to be part of a team. The best time to develop these instincts is between the ages of three and six months. By six months of age, many pups are becoming independent and some may stop going with you.

There is an art to walking pups and to do it well you need to understand the difference between developing a pup and training him. Training involves teaching your pup to do something. Developing him involves creating situations where he can learn on his own.” Continue reading →