On his way to being a fantastic bird dog..

Here’s another video from Ross Callaway. Until this pointer blinked, I thought I was looking at a still image of rock-solid hunting dog covered in red dust. Then I realized what was going on – and saw just how steady this dog is. It’s nice to see a dog that’s trained to this level.

Must read puppy pointers from Superior Pointer Kennels…

Zeke, a 2007 Mack x Nell pup from Superior Pointers
Zeke, a 2007 Mack x Nell pup from Superior Pointers

The folks at Superior Pointers love fine grouse dogs from Robert Wehle’s incomparable Elhew Pointers, and they’re dedicated to improving this fine line of shooting dogs. Part of the improvement process includes breeding the best dogs they can find. Another crucial part is learning what goes it takes to create a fine bird dogs, from breeding to raising and training

If you’re picking up a pup this spring, you owe it to your new pal to read this piece from Superior Pointers about raising a young dog. The first 9 months of a gun dog’s life are crucial, and the advice in this article gives a lot of insights into how you can make sure your pup gets the most out of this time.

Early Puppy Development: The first 270 days

Fergie, a 3 month old Mack x Jessie pup owned by Nitro Kennels. Pic from Superio Pointers.
Fergie, a 3 month old Mack x Jessie pup owned by Nitro Kennels. Pic from Superior Pointers.

“The new puppy arriving at your home has been abruptly uprooted from a known, comfortable environment and the companionship of siblings, and immersed in a completely foreign setting. He is confronted by, and must adjust to, new sights, sounds, food, people, and often dogs. This can be a very intimidating situation for an eight to ten week old pup, the age at which most new prospects are acquired.

Puppies, therefore, require lots of attention – the more, the better. They need to be introduced to their new family, new home and/or kennel, car rides, and other dogs in a manner which ensures a safe, positive experience. It is extremely important that your puppy not be subjected to loud noises or other frightening – to a puppy – situations. He needs to feel that he is at the center of the universe, and in an exciting, wonderful, safe place. This early socialization is vitally important in shaping your pup’s personality. How it is handled will have long lasting implications for you and your gun dog. As Joan Bailey notes in How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves, “How a dog is brought along during the first months of life will largely determine his future as a useful gun dog…”

Read the rest of this excellent piece now.

Elhews: Meet the Man Behind the Legend…

The Elhew Kennels are already a legend in the pointing dog world. Now that a dog with a lot of Elhew breeding has won the nationals (Connor’s EZ Button), the kennel’s fame is sure to grow.

Find out more about how the whole kennels got started. Tom Davis’s article from a 1993 issue of The Pointing Dog Journal is a good introduction to Bob Wehle, the man who started it all.

Bob Wehle of Elhew Kennels with one of his Elhew Pointers
Bob Wehle of Elhew Kennels with one of his Elhew Pointers

As good as birds dogs get…

The internet is a great thing. I’m always amazed by the information I can find online. What’s out there is incredible.

This Youtube video of Bob Wehles & crew with Elhew Cassie is an example of what I mean. Who would think that Youtube would have videos on it of these guys. But there it is.

This clip is taken from a couple of video produced a while ago called Wing & Shot. I have both of these videos and they’re pretty good.

In this video you get to see Bob Wehle, founder of the famous Elhew line of English Pointers, along with Earl Crangle and Dick Shear. Early and Dick are also pretty famous guys in the field trial world and they both trained a lot of great dogs.

The dog in the video is Elhew Cassie. She won the 1994 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Championship. Check her out to see how a bird dog should work. Amazing stuff.