Great read: Dad Saw Himself in Setters, by Tom Davis…


Tom Davis is a great writer, and always check out anything I come across from him. This piece from the Sporting Classics Daily blog is a good example of why he’s worth reading. It’s short, and in very few word Davis touches hits on why we fall in love with bird dogs. Do yourself a favor and click through to read the entire piece.

Dad Saw Himself in Setters by Tom Davis now

“I picked him up at the condo he’d rented on the Lake Michigan beachfront. It was more like March than May, a raw wind blowing off the lake, scudding clouds that spat occasional volleys of needle-sharp rain. He wanted to see my dogs run.

“Jesus, Dad,” I said, scowling at his low-cut tennis shoes. “We’re going to be in woodcock cover. Where the hell are your boots?…”

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Going place with dogs and Rick Bass…

Back before I sold my soul to the world of advertising, I aspired to be a real writer. While I was laboring away on short stories and reading small-print literary journals, I came across a short story by a new writer names Rick Bass.

Rick Bass article "Guide Dogs"
Rick Bass article "Guide Dogs"

After I found figured out that “real writer” means “real poor” for most people who make their living with a pen, I moved on to commercial work. But I always kept up with Rick’s work, and I’ve always admired it. This short piece from the recent issue of Garden & Gun magazine is the reason why. It’s about dogs, a dream, and a whole lot more. It’s worth checking out and I hope you enjoy it.

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